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Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE)

Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE) Foundation is an accessible e-learning programme which will allow students to experience financial education on a ‘learning by doing’ basis.

About the qualification


Despite the inclusion of Financial Capability in the National Curriculum, schools continue to experience difficulty in allocating time and space in the curriculum to deliver formal financial education. This flexible programme, accessible in school, from home or even on the go, helps to meet the current restraints on teacher’s time and resources, whilst helping to inform students about key life skills.

LiFE does not rely on timetabled teaching time, requiring minimal intervention by teaching/support staff; in fact, students will be able to use tutor/mentor time, after school clubs and a host of enrichment opportunities to access the learning. Students can study at their own pace on an online learning platform that really engages students with the content.


What progression does our LiFE qualification offer?

LiFE Award
Once your students have completed the LiFE foundation course, they can achieve a level 1 qualification. All they need to do is register for the Life Award which will assess them on the knowledge they have gained throughout the foundation course. No further study is required as the foundation has already covered the key learning points.

The Life Award is a level 1 assessment containing 30 multiple choice stand-alone questions and is assessed via our online platform ifs e-test . To pass, students are required to achieve 50% of marks available.


The LiFE Foundation programme is broken down into eight topics. Students can make their way through the topics at their own pace, slowly building on their financial knowledge and confidence. At the end of the topics, each student will receive a certificate of completion.

1. Money and income
2. Storing money safely
3. Spending and budgeting
4. Saving and selling
5. Borrowing
6. What is insurance?
7. Fraud and scams
8. Where can we get financial advice?


All topics are assessed by our ifs  e-test™ electronic testing system.


The foundation course does not include grading, once completed students will receive a certificate. They are then qualified to complete Level 1 LiFE Award.


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