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Perihan Abdelghaly

Perihan M Abdelghaly


Perihan Abdelghaly is a lecturer and programme leader in Sustainable Finance at the London Institute of Banking & Finance. An ESG, Corporate Compliance and Anti-Corruption Expert, Perihan has over 17 years of experience in the private and public sectors in the MENA Region.

Before joining King Stage Business School as a Lecturer and Academic Advisor for the MENA Region, Perihan was an international expert for Anti-Corruption and Sustainable Economy in the UNDP Regional office. She delivered technical assistance to several governments in the MENA Region, including Iraq, Kuwait and Sudan.

Perihan participated among the UN Regional Team in building national strategies for anti-corruption and private sector development, in the MENA Region. She also has experience in course design, teaching materials, and programme development. Perihan has delivered high quality industry focused teaching on Sustainable Housing, SDGs in Emerging Markets and Political Economy of Corruption, in at Leeds University and Birkbeck University.