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Board of Governors

Arjan van den Berkmortel

Arjan van den Berkmortel

Board Member

Arjan van den Berkmortel is Head of Business Banking, London Region at HSBC. He also is a Trustee Director for Heart of the City, a London based charity promoting responsible business. Arjan previously also served as a non-executive Board Member at HSBC Poland.

Arjan joined HSBC in 1996 as an International Manager. He has extensive cross-border banking experience in trade finance, transaction and corporate banking, and has held senior leadership roles in a wide variety of locations, serving in Hong Kong, Paris, and the Middle East. More recently, he was Chief Executive Officer in Czech Republic from July 2008 before being appointed Managing Director and Regional President to the Western United States in 2011.

A Dutch national, Arjan speaks multiple languages. He is married and has two children.