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Trusted Partners


Demonstrate external industry recognition and evidence that your organisation and training programmes are of the highest quality with our Trusted Partner status.

The status shows that your organisation has excellent training programmes and learning support for students along with experienced and competent trainers and reputable training facilities. It will help organisations become more attractive to future students and gain support when delivering training programmes involving our qualifications.

We personalise our service to suit each organisation and with our dedicated team will formalise an agreement.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Achieve external recognition from a Professional Body
  • Become more appealing to attract future students
  • Support to maintain high standards
  • Assistance to make sure your training programmes remain relevant and meet industry demands
  • Bespoke internal training to help deliver our professional qualifications
  • Tailored services and support to meet your needs
  • Establish an appropriate relationship term
  • Dedicated support from our Relationship Management team

What is a Trusted Partner

Becoming a Trusted Partner involves establishing a formal relationship with us and agreeing on a service and support offering. The agreement is for a minimum of 12 months and are typically 36 months, carrying on into a long term relationship. 

In order to achieve this status, your organisation will need to demonstrate excellent learning support and facilities for students studying towards our training programmes and/or professional qualification. There also needs to be robust policies and procedures, with a commitment to on-going development.

The application and an evaluation process to achieve a Trusted Partner status will take 4-6 weeks. If the standards are not achieved, we will guide you and the organisation on the areas that need developing to meet the requirements and achieve the status.

To ensure your Trusted Partner status remains relevant and up-to-date, annual reporting and on-going consultation will take place with our dedicated team.

Our Trusted Partners

Our Trusted Partners achieve a degree of excellence.

ifs Malta

We’ve worked closely with ifs Malta to support their students since 1960. ifs Malta delivers training for a number of our professional qualifications and training programmes.  These include the Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA) and the Level 6 Risk qualifications

Ifs Malta provides local training for these qualifications and we work closely with them to ensure our students are supported throughout their studies and are fully prepared for their examinations

Having worked closely with them over the past 60 years we now have a strong base in Malta with over 2500 students that have registered with our membership programme and/or studying a qualification.

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Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies

We endorse a number of Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies training programmes and provide certification to students on completion of their studies. This requires an ‘annual report’ to ensure that the content, level, assessment and overall quality of their programmes remain relevant which is required to be recognised as one of our Trusted Partners.

We have a long-standing relationship with the Kuwait Institute of Bankers and provide recognition to their local training programmes that are delivered to Kuwaiti students that work for the local banks.  This provides them with external recognition of their programmes and ensures that their programmes remain relevant and up-to-date.

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Quilter Financial Adviser School

The Financial Adviser School is part of Quilter; the new name for the Old Mutual Wealth group. It is a leading provider of advice, investments and wealth management both in the UK and internationally.

Quilter are longstanding supporters of financial advice, as they believe people who take advice are more likely to reach their financial goals. The school operates on a not-for-profit basis. Quilter's aim is to create prosperity for the generations of today and tomorrow. The Financial Adviser School forms an important part of this by:

  • helping learners achieve the qualifications, skills and professionalism required to have a successful career as a financial adviser
  • helping existing advisers grow their businesses with the opportunity to sponsor learners.

We endorse their CeMAP and DipFA training programmes and we work closely with them to provide the best support for students studying these qualifications. They also provide these qualifications as part of an apprenticeship and have recently launched the Level 6 Advanced DipFA qualification.

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