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LIBF e-test

We developed LIBF e-test to provide electronic testing of our qualifications.

It's a flexible and secure platform designed to provide examinations wherever there is a networked group of computers and a connection to the internet. To date, over 320,000 exams have been taken through LIBF e-test. 

Supplementing our network of over 150 test centres across the UK, LIBF e-test can offer organisations a range of additional benefits. 

How can LIBF e-test benefit your organisation?  

  • You can choose an exam date that suits you. There's no need to wait for availability at a local test centre as you will run exams on your premises (subject to being approved as a venue).
  • Your staff won't need to leave our premises, meaning no time is lost or costs incurred on travelling to a local test centre.
  • Exam results are available immediately and appear on your students' records as soon as they have been uploaded. An individual results sheet can be printed for your students.
  • Specimen papers are available for all modules offered through LIBF e-test, giving your students with a trial exam experience and the immediate feedback of a result.

Please contact our Relationship Management team if you are interested in using LIBF e-test to run any of our exams.