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Women in Fintech scholarship application: Certified Fintech Practitioner - in partnership with Fintech Diversity Radar

Thank you for your interest in the LIBF Certified Fintech Practitioner programme.

We are offering five Women in Fintech scholarships for the next course commencing 7 March 2022.

The scholarships are available to women already working in fintech, or the broader financial services sector, who are keen to expand their knowledge of the global fintech ecosystem. You may have recently commenced, or are looking to move into, a first management role. 

The scholarships are in the form of a fee waiver meaning successful applicants can participate in the programme for no fee.

To apply, please complete the below form and upload a copy of your CV by 9 February 2022.

Please note: You may wish to compose your responses to the below questions in a separate application - such as Google docs or Microsoft Word as semi-completed applications cannot be saved and returned to later. Alternatively, please email your application to digitalcentre@libf.ac.uk.

Please upload a copy of your CV
Please send me information about related future courses and programmes