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In-house solutions 

We work closely with organisations to establish clear objectives and specific learning outcomes. This helps ensure that our executive courses give quantifiable and tangible benefits.

We're a leading provider of bespoke executive development and technical training to the financial services industry. 

We design and deliver workshops and short courses that meet the specific needs and development objectives of organisations, teams and individuals in a wide range of financial services subjects and related disciplines.

Learn more about our approach here or contact Rob Thompson for more information:

E: rthompson@libf.ac.uk 
T: +44 (0)20 7337 6296


Our approach 


We undertake detailed analysis to determine the learning outcomes of the programme and to establish the existing levels of knowledge and skill of the participants.

Based on our findings, we’ll draw up a proposal that sets out in detail the structure, content, learning outcomes and delivery mechanism(s) for the programme.

Once the proposal is agreed upon, we start designing the in-depth programme. Development times differ for each programme, depending on a range of factors.

We may run a pilot session and gather participant feedback, which is incorporated into the rollout of the final programme. Delivery of the programme then commences according to the client's timeline.

Feedback is important to us, and we continually check in with participants to ensure objectives are being met and that tangible learning is taking place.

Once the programme delivery is complete, we undertake a detailed and comprehensive review, in conjunction with the client. Findings are then incorporated into the programme for future training, and can be used as a basis for further ‘Needs Analysis’.