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Investment Banking and Management

Our apprenticeship programme

Financial Services Professional

Investment Banking and Management

Level 6 Apprenticeship

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The financial services industry is changing, and quickly. Is your business able to compete with challenger banks and fintech providers to meet the growing needs of modern consumers?

Proof your business with a workforce fit for the future and fill the skills gaps in your organisation with our degree-level apprenticeship programmes. Our experienced academic faculty deliver content that directly reflects what is happening in the financial services industry right now.

We focus on the key skills and behaviours required of a successful employee to build resilience and promote innovation and adaptability in your workforce.

Not only will you be better able to retain and develop existing talent within your organisation, your organisation could become an attractive option for new recruits as an alternative to university.

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Your staff will learn core skills that include:

  •  managing client relationships
  • planning methods
  • problem-solving and decision-making
  • communicating and networking
  • teamwork and collaboration
  • self-development and the development of others
  • using strategy 
Investment apprenticeship programme

To discuss how we can partner with you, please contact Karen Taylor, Head of Apprenticeships - ktaylor@libf.ac.uk