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Accredited Learning Provider

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We offer a variety of study support options so you can pick the one for your learning style:

  • Online distance learning
  • With tutor support
  • Without tutor support
  • With additional digital learning materials

However, some of you prefer to be in a classroom with other students and a lecturer.

With that in mind, we have accredited a number of learning support providers that you can chose to complement your study of our CeMAP, DipFA, Equity Release (CeRER) or Pension Transfer (PETR) qualifications.  Please note that using a learning support provider is entirely up to you: it is NOT a requirement of your studies.

Our Accredited Training Providers (also known as Accredited Learning Support Providers, ALSP) are listed below and are entirely optional for you to pick. You’ll need to pay the additional expense, which might be beneficial in supporting your learning and understanding of the concepts and materials.

When you are considering which provider to choose, we recommend you carefully research their provision and assess whether it meets your needs.

What you’ll pay for

You will still need to pay to register and complete your chosen qualification e.g. the CeMAP qualification with us as we are the qualification awarding body.

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  Website  Phone  Email  CeMAP  CeRER  DipFA  PETR 
 Our Trusted Partner
Simply Academy  www.simplyacademy.com    0808 208 0002  info@simplyacademy.com  Tick Tick Tick  
 Our Accredited Learning Support Provider
Beacon Financial Training  www.beaconfinancialtraining.co.uk 01704 898538
07920 093360
 info@beaconfinancialtraining.co.uk  Tick
Clarity Financial  www.clarityft.co.uk 01707 800269
07530 682335
Tick Tick
Effectus Learning  www.effectuslearning.co.uk 020 3691 4697  info@effectuslearning.co.uk Tick      
Expert Pensions  www.expertpensions.co.uk 01506 657318  hello@expertpensions.co.uk  Tick     Tick
Futuretrend Training Academy  www.futuretrend.co.uk 020 8443 2888  team@futuretrend.co.uk Tick
Newleaf Distribution  www.newleafdistribution.co.uk 01702 431130  Contact form on their website  Tick      

Important notice

We regularly monitor all external training course providers' website content and offers available. Please be aware there are scams, including false advertising (see a recent example: ASA ruling) and unauthorised materials offered for sale. These are reported but if you are considering using a provider not listed on this page, or have any concerns about a provider, you are recommended to contact us.

Apply to be a Accredited Learning Support Provider (ALSP)

Are you a training provider and have a CeMAP, CeRER, DipFA or PETR qualification you wish to have formally recognised? 

Contact us for an application pack.