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CeMAP® Professional Terms and Conditions 

Eligibility Criteria for CeMAP® Professional & CeMAP® Advanced Professional (CeMAP® Pro):

  • Adhere to our code of ethics.
  • Hold the CeMAP® qualification for  a minimum of 12 months OR hold our CeMAP® Diploma / DipMAP
  • Commit to 15 hours mortgage industry related CPD each year.
  • Pass CPD or ethics audit checks
  • Comply with our Limited use logo Licence

These terms set out to ensure those applying for and holding CeMAP® Professional (for those with CeMAP® or Advanced CeMAP®) or CeMAP® Advanced Professional (for those with CeMAP® Diploma or DipMAP) are aware of our eligibility and ongoing requirements needed to maintain their CeMAP® Pro status.

Applications and all declarations must be completed by you (CeMAP Pro holder) and never by a third party.

  1. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information contained in your application. This includes reviewing and editing your details, where needed. Where applications are made through our secure portal we prepopulate the application with the information we already know about you.
  2. You are required to confirm (tick) all declarations to complete your application.  Should you be unable to do this please contact us on 01227 818609.
  3. Applications will only be processed where full payment of the appropriate fee has been received. The fee is collected as part of the online application.  Refunds are only made if requested within 10 working days of issue of your CeMAP Pro title and all rights to use the title will cease on return of the funds.
  4. Our members are given a discount on the CeMAP Pro application fee. Should a member cancel, or allow their membership to lapse whilst holding a discounted service, we reserve the right to charge the difference between the discounted and full (non member) fee.  
  5. Paper declaration forms are available from our customer services team but may take up to 10 days to process.
  6. Related Policy for CeMAP Pro can be viewed on our website including:

    • How to complain if we fail to meet your expectations;
    • How to appeal our decisions. For example: should we decide not to issue you CeMAP Pro status or sign off your CPD records and,  
    • How we decide if investigations / actions / penalties are required as a result of malpractice (misconduct) by applicants or those who hold / have held our  services.
  7. We reserve the right to use the information in your application and / or on the regulator’s registers to enquire of your status with other Professional / Accredited Bodies; the FCA; current / previous employers or your network. We may do this to enquire whether you have been subject to any disciplinary outcomes and any ongoing investigations. We can do this during the CeMAP Pro application process or at any time whilst you hold CeMAP Pro status or have used these services in the past.
  8. Your name will be added to an online register  which also includes those who hold a current SPS / CPA or one of our Chartered Designations. Employers and the public can check this register to confirm that those displaying the CeMAP Pro logo are entitled to use this and verify which qualifications are held.
  9. In order to deliver you a fully digital form of your CeMAP Pro credentials, your name and email address will be passed to our third party digital badge provider, Acclaim, who operate under strict US data protection rules.

  1. We predominantly use email to communicate with you. This includes informing those selected for audit of their CPD records and sending updates about your CeMAP Pro status.
  2. You are required to ensure that personal details and email addresses are kept up to date throughout the period you hold the CeMAP Pro title. Failure to receive an audit or information request will not be accepted as a reason for non compliance.
  3. Your contact details should be kept up to date through your MyLIBF account log in – under the "my details" section.
  4. Your CeMAP Pro status may be withdrawn / cancelled if we are unable to make contact with you.
  5. No certificate is issued for CeMAP Pro as this is not a qualification.

  1. CeMAP Pro status is valid for 12 months from successful application.  Expiry dates are clearly displayed on: myLIBF accounts; the logo; our online register and in our communications.
  2. You will receive a renewal invitation email one month prior to expiry of your existing current CeMAP Pro status.
  3. Your renewal application will prepopulate the information we already know about you.  You must amend any incorrect information.  You will need to pay the fee each time you renew your CeMAP Pro status.

  1. We reserve the right to withdraw CeMAP Pro under our Malpractice Policy (misconduct).  Typical examples of malpractice / misconduct involve us being provided with:            
    • False information / documentation in relation to - qualifications; existing Statements of Professional Standing / Certificates of Professional Achievement;
    • False or non-submission of continuing professional development (CPD) records;
    • Information which affects our ability to confirm adherence to our code of ethics This includes putting the onus on applicants to tell us about convictions for breaking the law (not minor motoring offences) or discipline procedures undertaken by the authorities or other professional bodies which might call into question your professionalism or ethical standing.
    • Information regarding unethical practices received from any source.

    This list is not exhaustive.

  2. If, after due consideration is considered malpractice / misconduct has taken place the following are typical actions / penalties or sanctions which may be applied:         
    • Referral of the case to your firm
    • Withdrawal of CeMAP Pro, any SPS / CPA and / or Membership.
    • Disqualification from reapplying for any future London Institute of Banking & Finance service or qualification, either for a stated period of time or indefinitely.

    This list is not exhaustive

  3. We reserve the right: not to verify your CPD submission in the event that it fails to meet our audit standards; to notify employer / firm / networks of the reasons for non verification and consider withdrawal of CeMAP Pro or other services in such circumstances. We will inform you of any such decision by email, clearly stating the reason why.   You only need to submit your CPD records to us when we specifically ask for them.
  4. In the event of the withdrawal of CeMAP Pro you are required to delete any copies you have made of the CeMAP Pro log including electronic copies. We may inform an individuals' employer / network / firm of the reason for withdrawal.
  5. No refund of the application fee will be made where CeMAP Pro status has been withdrawn as a result of: our Malpractice procedures; or if you wish to cancel your CeMAP Pro status more than 10 days after issue.
  6. Applicants who wish to appeal against our decision not to validate a CPD submission should follow the Appeals Policy.

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all CeMAP Professional and CeMAPAdvanced Professional applicants.
  2. We accept no responsibility for any loss, disciplinary or legal action or removal of an individuals CeMAP Pro status as a result of the use of this service.
  3. We shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss (including consequential loss and loss of profits), damage or expense suffered by individuals or their employer which may be occasioned by ceasing in business.