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What do I need to do?
Please complete this form to apply for this route to Chartered Status. The information you provide will enable us to assess whether your experiential learning and other achievements can be recognised. You should therefore complete every section and provide as much detail as possible about your work roles, tasks, formal and on-the-job learning, main achievements and your reasons for wanting to achieve Chartered status.

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You are expected to demonstrate that you have the requisite experience in applying Level 6 knowledge and skills in your work environment. Although the focus will be on understanding your experience, your qualifications and training will be taken into account in order to provide a complete picture of your technical abilities.


Please provide details of your experience to date.  We recommend you focus on the details of your roles/responsibilities over the past 10 years and your main achievements in your role(s).  You should include details of the responsibility you have for systems, staff and budgets and consider your experience in terms of the autonomy you have (ie accountability for your work); responsibility and influence with customers, colleagues, peers, and business and technical skills.

Please ensure that you also provide full details of your professional experience, academic and professional qualifications and awards, all internal training undertaken, achievements, membership of other professional bodies and/or committees

Personal statement

Please include details of what you consider to be your personal strengths, skills, qualities and achievements, and explain why you wish to be considered for this route to Chartered status with The London Institute of Banking & Finance. Your Personal Statement should be 400-500 words long. Please also use this section to tell us about any other information you would like us to consider.

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The fee for application is £295.

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If you have any queries regarding this please contact or call +44 (0)1227 818609.