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Fellowship of The London Institute of Banking & Finance is a mark of senior professional status in the banking & finance industries.

The requirements for Fellowship reflect the diversity of the sector in which members operate and recognise service and commitment to The London Institute of Banking & Finance and its objectives.

Fellowship criteria

To be considered for Fellowship all candidates must fulfil all of the following criteria. 

You must meet the criteria for Associate status of The London Institute of Banking & Finance

You must have at least 20 years of relevant banking or regulated financial advice experience, with at least five of these at a senior level.

You must be able to demonstrate, and provide evidence of how you have contributed towards the goals of The London Institute of Banking & Finance and/or supported the development of professionalism/professional education in the banking and finance sector. We normally expect such service to be over and above your full-time job.

Examples include:
  • Working to rebuild public confidence and trust in financial services – this could be through giving talks, presentations, interviews or writing articles;
  • Helping to promote financial capability and understanding in your local community;  
  • Raising awareness of financial services as a career choice among young people;  
  • Becoming a mentor or ambassador;
  • Serving as a regional network committee member;
  • Giving talks or presentations to our full-time students;
  • Providing work placements for students;  
Benefits of election to Fellowship include:
  • Recognition of your commitment to the banking & finance industries and in particular education and training;
  • Use of the description 'Fellow of The London Institute of Banking & Finance' and the designation 'Fellow LIBF' on your business card and stationary;
  • Opportunities to network and build connections with other Fellows, becoming part of an exclusive and influential group;
  •  Inclusion on the Professional Services Register

Applications for Election

If you fit the criteria and are interested in becoming a Fellow please send your CV for initial assessment to fellowship@libf.ac.uk. If the initial assessment is successful you will be invited to formally apply.

As part of the application we will ask you to provide a written statement of between 500 -1000 words outlining your service to the industry and The London Institute of Banking & Finance.

You will also need to provide the contact details of two references.  

a. One must be a current line manager or employer. If you are self employed then we will accept a reference from a client.    
b. The other referee should be from outside your work place and hold a senior position within financial services or related industry. 
c. Both referees must be known to you for at least two years and willing to provide a written reference. 

You are also encouraged to provide evidence to support your achievements. This can be in the form of articles you have written or appeared in, presentations you have given, or testimonials from colleagues or peers.    

You application will then be reviewed by the Fellowship Assessment Panel who will decide if you should be awarded Fellowship. In all cases the decision of the panel is final.