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Final countdown to the Financial Innovation Awards nominations

24 July, 2018Aiysha Whitfield

The Financial Innovation Awards (FIA) 2018 is back and celebrating customer excellence in banking and finance. The awards, established by The London Institute of Banking & Finance in 1998, celebrates companies that encourage the development of innovative products and services which improves customer services and financial inclusion.

Last year winners included First National Bank South Africa for Innovation in Product Design, Barclays Bank for Best Mobile Banking and GFT and Deutsche Bank for Best Fintech Partnership.

The distinguished awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 6 December at the Hilton Bankside, London. It promises to be another spectacular event with 17 award categories highlighting best practice, product innovation and projects that have a positive impact on the financial sector, consumers and communities across the globe. The FIA awards entries are open until Friday 3 August 2018. 

The categories are…

  Products & Services

  1. Innovation in product or service design

    This award recognises pioneering initiatives in the design of products and services that really deliver against customer expectations over the long term.

  2. Best payments initiative

    This award recognises innovation in a constantly evolving payments landscape.

  3. Innovation in supporting business or enterprise

    This award recognises new initiatives launched in the past 18 months that have helped businesses to thrive.

  4. Best mobile banking

     This award recognises innovation in the provision of information, tools and services through mobile devices.

  5. Innovation in the delivery of financial products

    This award recognises those initiatives which have achieved that delicate balance between digital and branch presence in developing a clear design for multi-channel interactions that uphold positive customer relationships.

    Marketing & customer experience

  6. Innovation in marketing and communications

    This award recognises those who have successfully navigated the pitfalls to create successful marketing and communications initiatives that bring benefits to the business.

  7. Innovation in data and its application

    This award recognises those who make the best use of data to gain a deeper understanding of customers.

  8. Excellence in customer experience

    This award is for organisations that are rising to the challenge of providing a seamless, responsive and intuitive customer experience and service through multiple channels.

  9. Service team of the year

    This award recognises outstanding customer service or relationship management teams that have found new ways to provide exceptional customer service and benefit to their organisations in doing so.

  10. Best customer-focused cultural transformation or staff participation initiative

    This award recognises outstanding cultural transformation, staff development and organisational enhancement initiatives that harness the potential of a diverse workforce, promote inclusivity or encourage positive customer-focused behaviours.

    Finance in the community

  11. Innovation in sustainability or social responsibility

    This award recognises organisations that have taken sustainable and socially responsible practice well beyond a tick-box exercise.

  12. Best financial inclusion or outreach initiative

    This award recognises organisations that have achieved measurable success in supporting vulnerable customers or empowering communities and individuals through financial inclusion, education and outreach initiatives.       


  13. Best technology initiative

    This award recognises financial services organisations that have invested in ground-breaking technology to support retail or business customers, create new marketplaces, or improve quality of service within the internal or external market of their business.

  14. Technology vendors – Best financial services solution

    This award is for organisations offering innovative solutions to the financial services industry. 

    This award is not for individual partnerships but a marketed offering which may be adapted into a bespoke offering.  Evidence of client implementation is required as part of the nomination.

  15. Best Fintech partnership

    This award recognises the successful marriage of business and technological expertise in achieving well-defined goals.

  16. Open Banking [New]

    This award recognises those that have seized the opportunities offered and made them count, for customers and other stakeholders alike.

  17. Best financial start–up

For organisations founded since January 2013, which have not entered this category previously and serve retail or business customers. 

This award recognises organisations who are challenging the established players through differentiated products, user experiences or by focusing on new or underserved markets.

Further information on the FIA awards and categories can be found here.