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Completing my Apprenticeship

07 March, 2019Jamie Kennett

My name is Jamie Kennett and I am 20 years old, I was previously an Apprentice Qualification Development Assistant working in the Corporate Professional Qualification (CPQ) department here at LIBF. I now work as the Question Bank administrator and analyst for CPQ and FC teams.

1: What was your motivation for becoming an apprentice?

Having previously been an apprentice I was aware of all the opportunities that it involved, how it can help progress my career and overall experience. I decided to take the great opportunity that the LIBF were/are offering.

2: What made you choose an apprenticeship with us?

This role offered a level up from what I was previously studying as well as an opportunity to work in a different environment with different people, furthering my experience and my own career. The role also had a lot of responsibility and a steep learning curve that I felt I would relish.

3: What was your experience as an apprentice like?

My experience was a positive one, it helped develop me as a person, I learnt a lot of new skills, gained knowledge and work experience.

4: Congratulations on successfully completing your apprenticeship! What’re you doing now?

I am now working as the Question bank administrator and analyst.

5: Do you have any tips you’d give to someone who is considering applying to an apprenticeship?

I would say go in with an open mind and enjoy the opportunities you are given as an apprentice.

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