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How will the UK trade after Brexit?

15 May, 2019
In the UK, discussion around Brexit seems to have been on a never-ending loop! But, says Simon Ling-Locke, one subject has not been discussed as much as it should have been – trade.

Shipping containers on a shipping boatIn this white paper, Simon Ling-Locke looks at the history of free trade and explores how easy or difficult it will be for a post-Brexit UK to create new trade agreements, remove tariffs and to trade on the World Trade Organization's 'most favoured nation' basis.

Free trade: Unilateralism, the World Trade Organization and customs unions – what's the way forward? 

About the author

Headshot of Simon Ling-LockeSimon Ling-Locke has three decades of banking experience at Barclays, Tokai and UFJ banks. He has worked in international markets including in syndicated loans, risk management and heading European leverage finance and corporate banking teams at UFJ. He also led training activities at the Loan Market Association.