How big data is changing the role of banks and banking

16 September, 2019Peter Hahn

Have you noticed how much data you routinely give away to banks and other organisations? Does it matter? Do you care? What are the banks going to do with all that data anyway?

Car lights on a winding road
In this faculty paper, Peter Hahn looks at how the role of banking has evolved from balancing the interests of savers and borrowers, to managing data.

He compares the increased use of technology in the car industry with the rise of fintech and digital banking. And he considers how data might steer the financial services sector in a new strategic direction.

Read Banking and data: have you noticed the change?

Since this paper was published, Peter Hahn chatted with Alex Fraser about how banks are holding an increasing amount of our data and what this means for the roles banking will play in the future. 

Listen to the podcast – Big data and the role of banks

About the author


Peter Hahn is our Dean and Henry Grunfeld Professor of Banking. He has had a long and distinguished career in banking in the UK and USA, lastly as Senior Corporate Finance Officer for the UK and Managing Director at Citigroup.  Subsequently, he served as senior special adviser to banking supervision at the Bank of England and, its predecessor regulator, the Financial Services Authority.

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