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What are the best online learning support tools for DipFA?

27 August, 2020Juno Baker

If you’re studying the Diploma in Financial Advice (DipFA), you’re on your way to becoming a financial adviser. To help you succeed, we offer a selection of online learning tools.

Laptop and plantDipFA is essential to begin your career as a financial adviser. The course includes materials to help you succeed, including:

  • online access to study texts, available as soon as you register
  • hard copies of the study texts, which we will send you by post
  • a student handbook covering key qualification features and study technique
  • access to an online student forum
  • specimen papers for Unit 1
  • exemplar papers and further reading for Unit 2.

But we’ve added some extra resources which you can mix and match for different levels of learning support.

Tutor support

We’ve been offering our tutor support option for a long time, and it's been very popular.

If you select the 'with tutor support' option when registering for DipFA, you’ll get access to our team of experienced web tutors and an online tutor forum.

Our tutors are all experts who've worked as financial advisers. This means that as well as explaining the theory, they can show you how it translates into practice by drawing on their experience.

You’ll be:

  • assigned a personal tutor to guide you through both units of your DipFA
  • able to post questions to the forum about the learning or coursework.

Your tutor will get back to you with a reliable and personalised response.

The DipFA Online Academy

Building on the success of our tutor support option, we’ve developed DipFA Online Academy.

The DipFA Online Academy gives you all the benefits of a classroom setting – only online. Scheduled for weekends and evenings, it’s ideal for learners who enjoy discussing ideas with fellow students and talking to tutors directly.

You can opt to join the DipFA Online Academy for both units, or just one – depending on what suits you.

How DipFA Online Academy can support you with FSRE

The first unit in DipFA is Financial Services Regulation and Ethics (FSRE). This unit covers how the financial system works and will help you understand the technical aspects of regulation.

The tutor will tailor the webinar sessions for your cohort, and the coursework and exam that you’re working towards – including case studies. You can also ask questions and discuss topics with your fellow students.

At the end of each session, the tutor will recommend reading and research to help you prepare for the next webinar. In the final session, the tutor will give you hints and tips for your exam.

As with online tutor support, you’ll be able to email your tutor questions. And you’ll be able to go back to the recorded versions of the webinars when you want to review your study.

How DipFA Online Academy can support you with AFA

The second unit – Advanced Financial Advice (AFA) – requires you to submit coursework based on a fact-find.

The fact-find replicates a client situation – the sort of thing you might find in your work as a financial adviser.

For example, it might revolve around a married couple, the details of their pensions and personal circumstances, their financial goals etc. For your coursework, you’ll have to write a recommendation letter for the customers, and you’ll be asked questions on the fact-find in the exam.

people-coffee-notes-teaThe DipFA Online Academy will help you with advice on:

  • key requirements of the coursework assignments
  • how to structure your coursework assignment
  • what you should think about including in your suitability letter (fact-find)
  • the type of questions the examiner may ask and how to prepare for them.

After DipFA

DipFA is the first step to becoming a financial adviser. But it’s also a springboard to further study in financial services, including more advanced qualifications in financial advice, banking and finance.

Whatever you decide to do next, you’re about to embark on and exciting new career.

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