Career story: How CDCS can help your trade finance career

17 December, 2020Juno Baker

Olanrewaju John Adeboye works in the Trade Finance department of a bank in the UAE. He recently succeeded in passing his first trade finance qualification, the Certificate for Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCS). He tells us about fitting study around work, and how his learning has helped him in his role and his career.

Shipping containers from aboveWhat made you want to study CDCS?

I enrolled for CDCS primarily for career development since I am working in trade finance department of a bank.

I decided to register for CDCS after getting advice from other colleagues in my office who are already CDCS qualified. I had a choice of enrolling for the Certificate in International Trade and Finance (CITF) or CDCS, being a beginner.

But I got advice from my manager to choose CDCS, so I went for it.

You already had a degree, and other professional qualifications, when you embarked on CDCS. What did you particularly enjoy about CDCS?

Firstly, I love the fact that the CDCS text was self-explanatory and easy to read. The study material online was also useful especially the CDCS study text and simulation questions.

Secondly, the presentation of the course outline was lovely. It provides sample questions at the end of every topic as well as answers to the sample questions at the back of the study text.

Were you able to apply the learning you undertook to your role as you were studying?

Studying CDCS has really helped to broaden my understanding and knowledge of trade finance operations.

The most interesting thing is that virtually all the topics in CDSC are related to what we do in trade services. So it was easy for me to apply my knowledge to my day-to-day office duties.

What were the main challenges you faced while studying CDCS?  

The fact that I did self-study made it more challenging, because I had to devote more time to study for the examination.

Due to my work schedule which runs till evening, I decided to fix my study time in the night when my family was asleep. And on weekends I devoted more time to read.

Working full time and studying is not so easy but with commitment, dedication and having a target it becomes easy to achieve.

What advice would you give someone else on fitting study round work and other life commitments? 

You must never allow your work to stop you from studying. Combining work and study needs to be planned before embarking on it. It takes determination, commitment and hard work to achieve success.

It is doable and possible – just believe in yourself!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of studying a professional qualification on finding mentors and support from colleagues and superiors? 

First, identify the person or group you need help from.

Always be willing to seek help when in need and never shy away from asking questions from those who are in a position to help. Anyone who knows more than you is your superior in the subject, so don’t be ashamed of seeking guidance when in need.

Secondly, networking is very important while planning to study or enrol for a professional qualification like CDCS. You need your colleagues, because they will afford you the opportunity to share useful resources and information.

Now you have passed CDCS, what does life hold for you?

I can see myself becoming a trade finance expert in the near future. My CDCS qualification has afforded me more responsibilities in my office and that is the starting point to a greater position.

I’m still studying more not only to get my knowledge updated but also to be able to share my knowledge with others who might be in need.

Do you plan to study more qualifications? If so which ones?

I’m planning to enrol for the Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees (CSDG) from LIBF.

Also, I desire to study for a masters in banking and finance when time permits and considering the financial outlay. I hope to achieve it in the near future.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

LIBF is a great institute of learning. Thank you for the opportunity to be a member. I wish everyone the best in all your studies.

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