How tuition videos can help you become CeMAP qualified

20 January, 2021Juno Baker

House key ringCeMAP is the must-have qualification if you want to become a mortgage adviser. Your fee includes all the learning materials you need to succeed. But if you’re looking for additional study support, CeMAP Tuition Videos could be the answer.

CeMAP is the industry-standard qualification for mortgage advisers. It’s an online distance-learning course that usually takes about 12 months to complete. Along with online learning, as a CeMAP student you get written texts, video study tips and access to a student-led online discussion forum.

But teaching and learning is always evolving. So as different channels become available – and we learn more about how people absorb information – at LIBF we’re always reviewing our offering.

“We looked at where people were struggling to fully understand the course content and not meeting the pass mark,” says Adrian Crowley, who developed tuition videos to support the three CeMAP modules.

“Everyone has a different learning style – auditory, visual, and people who like to read,” says Adrian. “If you’re delivering a course in just one way, you’re only meeting the needs of some people.”

Video serves all learning styles.

Studying CeMAP modules with CeMAP support

The more challenging parts of CeMAP Module 1 turned out to be core areas that aren’t always perceived as mortgage advice, like collective investments and taxation.

“But they’re an important part of broadening mortgage advisers’ knowledge of financial services,” says Adrian. “That in turn helps to ensure mortgage advisers in the UK work to a high standard.”

Like the CeMAP 1 video, CeMAP 2 and CeMAP 3 focus on the areas that students typically find more difficult. Each video looks at a different aspect of the syllabus, providing examples to support your learning.

In CeMAP 3, you’ll get tips on how to approach your CeMAP exam. The video also covers the technical training you need by setting out examples in case studies and demonstrating how it applies in the real world. 

How CeMAP tuition videos help you learn

Because the CeMAP Tuition Videos are short, the course content is easier to follow and take in. It’s a technique called ‘chunking’.

It’s easier for the brain to commit small chunks of learning to memory, than to absorb large amounts of information at one time. In short, your brain needs time to process what you’ve learnt before you move onto the next thing.

“We also wanted to meet people’s desire short sharp learning on any type advice,” says Adrian. “Something that our students could dip in an out of when they had a spare ten or 20 minutes.”

The CeMAP tuition videos are, on average, about 15 minutes long and you can access them from your CeMAP course page. You can watch them on any device, from anywhere in the world – as long as you have internet access.

“That helps students to study at their own pace. The key is to make the learning as flexible as possible. And of course, you can always come back and watch a video again, if there’s something you’re not sure of.”

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