CPD and recertification for trade finance professionals

01 June, 2021Juno Baker

If you’re a trade finance professional you must carry out continued professional development (CPD) to meet recertification requirements. But what counts as a CPD activity and how can you log your hours? And how can you capitalise on your CPD to become an ‘Advocate’, or work towards the Diploma for Qualified Trade Finance Specialists or chartered status?

Aeroplane flying above cloudsRecertification and CPD help the trade finance sector – and those who work within it – to maintain professional standards. This is vital in the ever evolving trade finance landscape.

You are required to carry out CPD or recertify for the following trade finance qualifications:

Recertification for trade finance qualifications

After you pass a trade finance exam, your designation remains valid for three years. If you hold CDCS, CSDG, CSCF or CTFC, you can recertify by:

  • carrying out continuous professional development (CPD) throughout the recertification period, or
  • retaking and passing the full exam for the qualification designation you want to keep using.

One hour of learning is equal to one CPD learning hour. You need to do 36 hours of CPD over a period of three years, or six years if you’re a ‘CDCS Advocate’.

For CDCS, CSDG and CSCF, your CPD activities need to relate to trade finance. For CTFC, they should relate to trade finance compliance.

We’ve been running the CDCS Advocate programme for many years and are now extending it to CTFC, CSCF and CSDG. Once you've completed five recertification cycles, we’ll present you with Advocate status automatically. This includes:

  • an extended recertification period – you’ll only have to recertify every six years instead of every three
  • a pin badge and certificate, and
  • the right to use the ‘Advocate’ designation after your name.

Where to find trade finance CPD activities

Everyone’s learning style is different, so we – and our partners – offer CPD in different formats to help you find CPD that suits you, including:

  • webinars
  • podcasts
  • conferences
  • insights, comment and analysis
  • accredited external courses offered by our partners
  • Financial World magazine.

As a trade finance qualification holder, you will also receive e-newsletters with the latest news, webinars, podcasts and insights to help you stay on top of your CPD.

For CDCS, CSDG and CSCF, your CPD activities should relate to trade finance and build on your existing knowledge.

For CTFC, they should relate to trade finance compliance.

How to log your trade finance CPD

If you’re a member of the LIBF or you’re in the recertification cycle, you can keep an accurate record of your CPD hours on your MyLIBF account.

Simply log into your MyLIBF account and click on ‘MyCPD’ in the top navigation bar. You can log details of your CPD, including the activity and how you benefited from doing it. You can even upload supporting documents as evidence of your CPD achievements.

You can get more detailed instructions and a demonstration on how to log your CPD on the CPD for Trade Finance Professionals page.

Diploma for Qualified Trade Finance Specialists (QTFS)

If you prefer to complete your CPD by studying trade finance qualifications, you may consider working towards the QTFS.

To qualify, you’ll need to successfully complete a specific combination of three of our trade and transaction banking qualifications.

Learn more about how to get the Diploma for Qualified Trade Finance Specialists.

Once you have QTFS, you can work towards chartered status by completing the Advanced Diploma in Banking & Finance. This usually only takes about 12 months.

Find out more about becoming chartered as a trade finance specialist.

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