Career story: studying retirement planning and working towards chartered

06 May, 2022Juno Baker

Matthew Goodall has been working in regulated advice for around ten years, but as a financial adviser wanted to know more about pensions and later-life planning for his clients. He tells us about studying the Level 6 Financial Planning in Retirement qualification, how it’s helping his career and why he’s working towards chartered.

Matthew GoodallI actually really enjoyed the FPIR. And it’s enabled me to have deeper conversations with my clients, which is the most enjoyable thing.

It’s given me a better understanding, which instils trust in the clients. That’s massively important when you’re an adviser.

What did you enjoy about the FPIR qualification?

It wasn’t just sitting in a classroom and reading a text book. It was modern and it got you to draw out things and show skillsets that are relevant to your job.

For example, the video conversation was a case study and a recommendation based on that case study. Well, as advisers we give presentations all the time.

So it was absolutely fantastic to be able to show a skillset that we’re good at and get scored on that. I thoroughly enjoyed that bit.

Then the final exam was open book, which made sense. If you’re having a memory test you can  learn the answers. But the way they asked the questions in FPIR made me go and research answers, so I understood them better.

I think this exam style is going to be the trend in future.

Why are you working towards chartered status?

I’ve enjoyed every single one of my LIBF qualifications. It’s a fast-paced changing world and chartered status will ultimately help secure my future career.

I started my exams in February 2021. I’ve done my Level 4 Certificate in Long Term Care and Later Life Planning (CertLTCP) and my FPIR.

I’ve just passed the first part of my Level 6 Diploma in Financial Advice and I’m half way through the second part. I’ve got to hand in my coursework in a couple of weeks and do the exam in June.

Then, in theory I am chartered. So it’s exciting, if I pass.

I’ll probably be pulling a few late nights coming up to the submission of this coursework but in the end it’s worth it. I can have a rest when I’ve got the piece of paper on the wall.

How do you fit studying around work and your young family?

If you break it into chunks, don’t over-commit yourself and take your time with it, that works well.

When I was doing FPIR my son was six or seven months old, so still not sleeping through the night. I did a lot of the revision at one or two o’clock in the morning, while I was giving the night feed. I was reading while he was feeding, because you have to do something to keep yourself awake at one o’clock in the morning.

What’s the best thing about being a financial adviser?

Helping your clients and making sure they get the right outcomes.

And FPIR has helped me do that. It’s helped me understand an area which was new to me. Because I’d never advised on pensions before and now I do them everyday.

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