Why do an online postgraduate degree?

25 April, 2023Mutahara Gofur

One of the biggest advantages of the digital age is being able to pursue education remotely, with online degrees presenting a great way to improve your career prospects and further your professional development.

Although, for many, going to university is an important rite of passage, when it comes to studying at postgraduate level you may already be working or juggling other priorities. So going to regular lectures on campus may not be feasible. And there is an alternative – studying online. There are several benefits online degrees can provide that traditional, face-to-face learning can’t – the biggest one being more flexibility. We explore why you could consider doing your master’s degree online and how it can enhance your career.

Study an online degree at your own pace

Doing an online degree can offer more flexibility than studying at a bricks-and-mortar university. Provided you have access to the internet, you can study from anywhere in the world and at a time that’s convenient for you.

A traditional degree, which requires face-to-face learning and attending lectures/seminars at specific times, simply isn’t an option for some people. If you have a busy schedule, a full-time job or other responsibilities, an online masters can be a much more accessible option as it allows you to fit your studies around these commitments. You’ll still have access to your tutors when you need them as well as all the learning materials you need to succeed.

Building on your career opportunities by studying online

Doing an online master's degree can open the door to new career opportunities. Some roles, for example, may require a postgraduate qualification as a prerequisite, whilst some firms may offer more progression opportunities for those with a higher level of education.

The flexibility of online degrees means that you can continue working full-time in your current role and further your education at the same time. Not only will this allow you to massively increase your knowledge of your chosen field, it will also demonstrate to your current or prospective employers that you can balance multiple responsibilities.

Studying online can also be of huge benefit if you’re looking to switch careers. Transitioning to a different job or industry often requires studying a new qualification, which can be time consuming. You also may not have the means to quit your job or reduce your hours to make the time to attend university in person. However, with an online degree you’ll be able to earn a living whilst working towards your qualification.

Online degrees also allow you to connect and engage with other students and industry experts from around the world, so you’ll still get plenty of networking opportunities that could prove invaluable when you venture into your new career.

Studying an online degree at LIBF

We offer a range of online courses and qualifications that can open up a wealth of opportunity in the banking and finance sector. Our MSc Management with Finance, for example, will give you the opportunity to explore new career opportunities and continue to build on your financial knowledge. It will not only broaden your understanding of the modern day banking and finance industry but provides three different options which allow you to focus on one of three specialist – and critical – areas. Choose from fintech, sustainable finance and risk and compliance.

These degrees also help you to gain a deeper understanding of current challenges and develop skills in critical analysis, digital and technical literacy, relationship building and team working, commercial awareness and growth mindset communication.

If you’d like to explore the flexibility of studying online – check out our courses and qualifications.

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