New documentary series highlights innovative developments in finance and ESG

24 May, 2023

LIBF, in association with Zinc Media Group,  have today launched a series of documentaries to highlight the innovations and cutting-edge developments in the finance sector – with a special focus on ESG.

“Banks and their employees are no strangers to disruption, what with financial volatility, regulatory reforms, the birth of new competitors and a global pandemic,” says LIBF’s Director of PR Heather Tilston.

“The sector is evolving at an ever-increasing rate to maintain a competitive edge and encompass changing customer behaviours and preferences. Successful organisations are connecting, predicting, and adapting while adopting digital technologies, enabling them to transform into instinctive enterprises. We’re delighted to be working with Zinc Media to help spotlight organisations who are really making progress in this space.”

Finance Frontiers gives an insight into the innovative work going on around the world – highlighting cutting-edge developments and innovations in finance. It features the people, businesses and organisations leading the charge into a new era of banking, with a special focus on ESG.

  • We travel to Portland, Oregon with Harrison Street, to hear how community is key. The focus is on the 'S' in ESG - the transformative power of 'social' – something we explore on a visit to The Springs retirement community at Lake Oswego.
  • In the heart of the Midlands, we visit Hinckley and Rugby's HQ and a local school where children are being taught about how homes can be retrofitted to mitigate climate change, and see the children plant a tree in the school grounds.
  • SS&C Advent's Solutions Consultant, Tim Duffy, talks about providing clarity in ESG investments – creating portfolios that are tailored to each client's individual values. He says that's done by offering a tech platform that provides the sort of transparency investors are now absolutely demanding. Industry consultant Mark Stringer, from Horatii, discusses the game-changing impact of the explosion of data that we're seeing with the onset of ESG reporting globally.
  • In Belgium, we hear from the Central Labelling Agency (CLA) about their work on benchmarking sustainability.
  • Back in London we talk to State Street (SSGA) to delve into SSGA’s responsibility to its clients and to the world at large. We aim to find an answer to what the financial services industry can do to mitigate climate change and protect the planet for generations to come.

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