Unlocking sustainable success: The way forward for MENA banks towards a greener future (Ep.14)

08 August, 2023LIBF MENA Beyond Finance

In this episode, Dr Martina Garcia, Director of The Centre of Financial Innovation, LIBF, interviewed sustainable finance experts, Perihan M. Abdelghaly and Vera Spender Koubek.

Perihan is an expert in sustainable finance and ESG reporting and serves as a lecturer and programme leader at LIBF. Vera is a sustainable consultant and advisor, with expertise in asset and wealth management, as well as commercial banking.

During the interview, they discussed their recently authored whitepaper 'How to create a sustainable bank in the Middle East.' The trio explored the existing sustainability challenges in the MENA region and deep dived into the ESG compliance measures that banks and financial institutions must adopt to enhance their sustainability practices.

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