Accelerating careers: empowering individuals in the MENA banking industry | LIBF MENA webinar

17 August, 2023LIBF MENA webinar
Speakers: Mohamed Abbas, Learning and Development Industry Expert

Join us for this transformative event, where we will equip you with the essential steps and strategies to integrate our programmes seamlessly into your company's employee career growth paths or your career journey. Learn to unlock the full potential of an organisation's workforce and drive unprecedented growth in the banking and finance sector.

This engaging and insightful webinar will share invaluable insights to revolutionise your organisation's learning and development (L&D) initiatives.

What to expect:
• insights into workforce development in banking and finance
• gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities unique to the banking and finance industry and discover how our programs align perfectly with your growth goals
• driving internal career growth with LIBF MENA
• discover how our programs can become a powerful catalyst for promoting internal employee career development, nurturing talent, and fostering a culture of excellence
• success stories and best practices
• hear inspiring success stories from companies that have successfully integrated our programs into their L&D strategies and learn best practices for seamless implementation.