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Student Investor champions appear on Radio 4's Money Box

20 May, 2015

On Sunday 17th May the winners of the 2015 Student Investor Challenge, Malmsbury School’s ‘Withdrawal Symptoms’, appeared on Radio 4’s flagship finance programme Money Box.


Adam McClelland, Toby Journeaux, Jamie Wreathall and Ollie Blake were interviewed by the BBC’s Paul Lewis about their trading strategy and the benefits of the famous City Lunch, and what they felt they had got out of participating in the competition.

Developing skills for the future

They also discussed the final of the Student Investor Challenge, which saw the competing teams take part in a simulated live-trading challenge and deliver presentations on socially responsible investing to a large audience – something which they described as a new experience for all of them.

When asked to give their top tip for anyone looking to make a bit of money trading stocks and shares their advice was to play a long game: “One of the things we researched was in responsible investment - you can make a lot more money over the long term.”

The team won their school £2000, plus £200 each and an all-expenses-paid trip educational trip to New York which will include a trip to the New York Stock Exchange. In so doing they defeated more than 10,000 other teams from schools around the country.

You can listen to the full interview on the BBC’s iPlayer. The feature starts about 8 minutes into the programme, though we’d recommend listening to the whole show as a way of keeping up to date with the world of finance.