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New teaching qualification launched for financial education

21 October, 2015

A new teaching qualification to enhance financial education in schools has been launched by ifs University College.

The financial education specialist developed the Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching Financial Capability (PGCTFC) to support teachers delivering new personal finance curriculum requirements through Citizenship and Maths.

The qualification, which is the only one of its kind in the UK, is available for already-qualified teachers who are looking to develop their professional skills and specialise in financial capability.

David Kennedy, Headteacher at the John Warner School in Hertfordshire, who is putting several of his staff through as the programme’s first cohort, welcomed the qualification, saying:

As educators, we want our staff to have access to high level professional education.
Financial capability is an important life skill and this qualification will ensure our teachers are formally trained and are aware of and able to interpret the latest contemporary issues that may affect our students’ personal financial education.

“From a development opportunity, the PGCTFC will also provide our teachers with professional qualifications that will be beneficial in both their professional and personal lives.”

The PGCTFC programme will begin in September 2015, with the first group expected to qualify by September 2016. The qualification is available through a combination of online distance and blended learning, supported by face-to-face and online workshops.

Commenting on the launch of the new qualification, Alison Pask, Vice Principal at ifs University College said:

Requiring schools to teach financial education does not guarantee that it will be learned as financial capability is not just a classroom subject in the traditional sense. It is about changing behaviours and preparing students for life in modern Britain.

“As such, it requires the best possible candidates and best possible conditions to ensure it succeeds in developing confident and competent young people, which this qualification will provide.”

For more information on the PGCTFC, please visit: http://www.ifslearning.ac.uk/degrees/postgraduate/postgraduate-certificate-in-teaching-financial-capability