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Education crucial for banking competitiveness

07 January, 2016

Financial education provider ifs University College has welcomed the publication of a BBA report, which seeks to address the UK’s competitiveness as an international banking centre.

The report, “Winning the Global Race” urges the government to address the regulatory and policy issues which are causing the UK’s banking industry to lose ground with its international competitors, following the 2008 economic crash.

Martin Day, Vice Principal at ifs University College, said:

Given the critical role played by financial services within the UK, both as a contributor to GDP and as an employer, the need for a strong and competitive banking industry is paramount. The BBA’s report is a timely commentary on many of the issues which could significantly challenge the UK’s pre-eminence in this sector.

One of the key ways in which the reputation and performance of the financial services industry is being enhanced, ifs University College believes, is through effective education and development to provide professionals working in the sector with the skills and confidence to drive UK banking forward. For many financial services employees, professional qualifications provide a foundation throughout their careers, allowing them to see the industry as a whole and reach the highest of professional standards.

Through its banking and finance qualifications, ifs University College continues to work with the industry to meet this challenge and support the continued success of the financial services sector

For more information on ifs University College’s finance and banking qualifications, please visit: www.ifslearning.ac.uk