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Ousedale School wins Financial Capability in Action Competition

16 February, 2016

A team of four students from Ouesdale School in Milton Keynes has won the second ever Financial Capability in Action Competition.

The competition challenges students to demonstrate their understanding of financial capability by filming a 3-4 minute video which puts into practice what they have learned in their ifs University College financial capability lessons.

The “Electric City” team’s winning entry was commended as “a nice story with good production, showing the consequences of financial behaviour” by the judges.

This year’s competition received a lot of entries which gave the judges a hard time in deciding the eventual first, second and third places. In second place was the entry by “Forgesquad” from Ormiston Forge Academy, which the judges described as “an inventive entry. The ‘bad’ versus the ‘good’ scenario worked well.”

In third place was “Minimum Balance” from Plymouth College whose entry was praised for its “good content with detailed information”. It also “demonstrated the importance of planning before going to university.”

Thank to you all the teams who sent their entries in and we look forward to seeing some more fantastic films in 2017. Keep visiting the Financial Capability in Action page for more details!