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What do venture capitalists actually do? Alexander Ljungqvist on the skills of a VC

11 March, 2016Alexander Ljungqvist

The ability to make good judgement calls, raise funds and the business knowledge to run a successful business are all key skills needed to become a good venture capitalist, according to Dr. Alexander Ljungqvist, the Ira Rennert chair of finance at the New York University Stern School of Business.

Dr Ljungqvist was speaking at a round table as a part of the inaugural Henry Grunfeld lecture.

“VCs are sort of masters of lots of trades. They have to be good at looking at you and figuring whether you’re worth investing in,” he told the discussion group which included ifs University College undergraduate students.

“VCs will want to sit on your board, and help shape the company…VCs have to be good at helping to build companies… [in some cases] they can literally be hands on and involved in that.”

Watch the whole video below: