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Claudi Santiago, First Reserve COO, on what it takes to succeed in the private equity and energy industries

17 March, 2016

Conviction, commitment, and sharing a company’s values are the key traits needed for young graduates keen to join the energy industry.

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at First Reserve, Claudi Santiago, believes sharing the values of the company is one of the most important traits for those joining First Reserve.

Mr Santiago was speaking to ifs University College students and staff at the first ‘Inspiring Leaders’ career event.

"We try to assess the skills and the background,” Mr Santiago said about the process of hiring management teams.

“But at the end of the day…it goes like this, when I hire a CEO for a portfolio company and we are convinced this person can do this job, I like to look at the person and say… if you share the values we have and you deliver the results we expect from you, the sky is going to be the limit.""

Mr Santiago also commented on what it takes for young graduates to be successful in the private equity business, saying graduates need to have a solid academic background, intellectual curiosity and a passion for the industry.

“The (private equity) energy industry is an industry that will offer you many opportunities to constantly learn but you will need to invest yourself over a relatively long period of time to really develop this domain knowledge expertise.”

“My advice is that if you like the energy industry, like I do, it’s a great place to be but you have to be convinced that it’s what you want to do.”

“It requires deep commitment, deep conviction. It offers a lot but you need to invest a lot of time.”

Listen to the whole interview with Claudi Santiago here or watch the entire interview below.