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Rising house prices and aging populations: teenagers identify the two biggest financial challenges they'll face

21 March, 2016Eoghan Hughes

Two students, from Marine Academy in Plymouth and Queen Elizabeth’s School in Barnet, have been named as winners of ifs University College's inaugural Young Financial Journalist of the Year Competition.

Jordan Hopkins, from Marine Academy won in the 17-19 category, while Sahil Suleman from Queen Elizabeth’s triumphed in the younger 14-16 age group. Both submitted articles which looked at the question: “What is the biggest financial challenge your generation will face?”. Jordan’s entry focused on the problems of an ageing population, while Sahil examined the effects of rising house prices on the economy.

Judged by The Times’ former personal finance editor, David Budworth, the entries were praised for answering the question with clarity and demonstrating good research skills, which sought expert advice.

Other issues which were identified by the entrants included job stability and the prospect of employment, the economic dominance of London, the effects of stricter mortgage lending rules and currency fluctuations.

Alison Pask, Vice Principal at ifs University College said:

Growing up in Britain today it can often be challenging for teenagers to make sense of the news agenda going on around them, which for the most part is driven by business and economic issues.

“Understanding how these issues will affect them as young people, soon to take on greater financial independence, will be extremely important as they leave school for work or university.

“The Young Financial Journalist presents teenagers with a great opportunity to research and learn more about personal finance and key financial concepts. Our congratulations go to Jordan and Sahil for demonstrating clearly how well they understand two important issues that their generation is likely to face.”