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A day in the life of a finance student: Mads Brinkmann Andersen

31 March, 2016Mads Brinkmann Andersen

Want to know what a day is like for a typical ifs University College student? Mads Brinkmann Andersen is a second year student in the BSc (Hons) in Finance, Investment and Risk programme. 


Mads Brinkmann Andersen Monday - around 10am.

I usually start my day by snoozing my alarm 2-3 times before getting up and preparing for the day ahead. On the walk to the tube station, I'm already regretting skipping breakfast so I pay Starbucks a visit for a croissant and latte, before getting on the tube. This is when I realize how lucky I am, and how great university life is. I thoroughly enjoy the responsibility and freedom of having fewer hours in class and more self-studying. The fact that it is entirely up to me, when and how I read is so liberating in contrast to doing my A-levels.


I get off the tube at London Bridge, which at this time of the day is busy, but nothing compared to peak times. I manage to cross the first lights without being run over by any cars or bikes, and I start walking across London Bridge. Crossing London Bridge during peak hour is what I imagine it must be like marching together in an army. In the mornings, everybody is walking into the City of London, and while you don't know the people on the street, you feel like you're going in to fight for London's position as a financial hot spot and one of the most important markets in the world.

Pingpong in the student loungeBefore the lecture starts, I prefer to read through my notes again, and if I have time maybe play a game of ping pong with my classmates. We have a 30-minute break between the lecture and tutorial, and my friends and I usually get some food, or play ping pong or pool. After the lecture, we often stay and do work for other courses in the coming week, but today I am going home and working on my upcoming coursework. As a class we do socialise quite a lot - we've organised go-kart trips, attended wine tastings at the ifs Social Society or just paid a visit to the local pub.

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I am currently in the process of applying for different internships, and Nadim, the head of Careers and Employability at ifs University College, has been crucial in the process so far. He's not only been helping me prepare for interviews, but is also helping me with a strategy of approach in an increasingly competitive internship environment. ifs University College offers excellent support, and because the classes are small, it's not awkward to ask the lecturer a lot of questions.


Mads Brinkmann Andersen working in the Henry Grunfeld libraryIf I haven't already done my studies for the following day, I do them now after dinner. At the same time, my hunt for internships means that I am regularly checking if something new has come up, and try to redraft my CV and write new cover letters for new applications. I am not much of a calendar/planning type, but I check and realize that there is a prestige lecture which I have signed up for tomorrow. The prestige lecture format is brilliant because it allows students to learn from the industry, get a valuable insight into their career, and it is an excellent opportunity to network as well. Finally, I realise it's getting late, so I head to bed and fall asleep around 1am.

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