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The work, study and family balance: Exam dates and textbooks, textbooks, textbooks

17 May, 2016Gabbi Stopp

Gabbi Stopp is the Head of Employee Share Ownership at ProShare, and is currently studying for a Diploma for Financial Advisors (DipFA®). Gabbi is also a wife, and mother to a three-year-old boy.

In this blog series, Gabbi takes an honest look at what it's like to study, while working and managing family commitments.

Gabbi Stopp's textbook pileMy textbook collection expands by two-thirds when my lovely next-door neighbour drops my two AFA textbooks round to me after I get home from work, having kindly taken their delivery earlier in the day. I have a moment of panic as it occurs to me that I haven’t finished working my way through my FSRE book yet, and have two more to get through now. Common sense prevails however, and I reassure myself by reviewing my study timetable and remind myself of the chapters I’ve progressed through so far.

Wednesday 30 March 2016

I decide to bite the bullet and go online to book my FSRE exam for the end of June. Strangely enough, despite having set myself a hard deadline in doing so, I find I am much calmer and super-focussed when I come to this evening’s study session. Not sure how long that feeling will last but will do my best to capitalise on it while it does!

I’m finding that in a weird way I look forward to my end of the day study sessions in the office - just as long as I make it home afterwards in time for bath, bed and story time with my son. The downside is that more often than not I find myself falling asleep soon after dinner when I should be either out for a run or paying attention to my husband. I tell myself – and my other half - that it’s not forever – key milestones marked in my diary are the marathon on 10 April, and my FSRE exam on 27 June. It will feel so good to get those two squared off but no doubt others will follow hot on their heels – the AFA coursework deadline of 25 July, for one.

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