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Prestige lecture: The pros and cons of the EU Referendum

20 June, 2016

“Brexit, Grexit or fire exit?” 

That was the question that Seven Investment Management’s Head of Corporate Development, Justin Urquhart Stewart posed, as he gave a whistle-stop tour of global economics to a host of ifs delegates, at its most recent Prestige Lecture in London.

In an entertaining and thought-provoking talk, Justin lifted a metaphorical magnifying glass on almost every corner of the globe as he analysed the economic impacts of a potential Brexit, Grexit, or indeed fire exit, coming to the conclusion that ultimately economies rely on confidence, whatever political system they operate in. 

Citing Dad’s Army’s Lance Corporal Jones, he bade the audience to ignore the media’s some times hysterical posturing and “don’t panic”, instead urging them to take a considered view of the issues at hand, which are, according to him, the effects on employment; access to global markets; UK/EU trade links; the potential for wider EU break-up; political unrest and the effects on legislation.

Having set the scene, we moved on to an in-depth analysis of current UK economic issues, tackling aspects of currency volatility, trading agreements and the effects of immigration in turn and questioning how a potential Brexit would impact on all three. Ultimately again, Justin made the case that confidence was key here – the global economy will not stop overnight should Britain vote to leave the EU.

Thanks to Justin and to all of our guests for braving the summer rainstorms to attend a fascinating discussion and don’t forget to vote!

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