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A day in the life of a Finance, Investment & Risk student: Callum Porter

13 July, 2016Callum Porter

Want to know what a day is like for our students? Callum Porter has just completed his first year in the BSc (Hons) in Finance, Investment & Risk programme.

Early Monday morning

Walking around LondonCommuting to university in London has only one downfall: the never-ending early mornings. Waking up at 6:00am, showering, grabbing breakfast, and then out the door to catch the 7:21 train has never gotten any easier. Once on the train, I have around 40 minutes to sit back and relax; these valuable minutes are normally used to check the newly issued Financial Times, which The London Institute of Banking & Finance provides to all students, and, of course, check up on everyone’s lives on social media.

Like some first-year students attending university in London, I am privileged to be able to live in the comfort of my family home whilst being able to commute to school and enjoy university life in a globally recognised city.

I arrive in the hustle and bustle of Moorgate Station around 8am. I fortunately live close to a direct overground route to Moorgate, which means I have no need to get on the hot (and sometimes stressful) underground to get to the Lovat Lane campus. Instead, I take a leisurely walk through the back streets of the City, occasionally stopping on the way for a caramel frappuccino.

Around 8:30am

Once I arrive at Lovat Lane, I normally have around 20 minutes of free time, which I use to meet up with my mates and play pool in the student lounge or grab a coffee (if I haven’t already done so). Most of the lectures and tutorials in first-year start promptly at 9:00am. In these tutorials, I take pretty detailed notes to aid my study outside of class and help me gain more of an understanding of the subject being discussed. There's a 30-minute break between the tutorial and lecture which I use to unscramble my brain, whilst getting very competitive over another game of pool.


callum porter croppedWe finish our lecture just in time for lunch. After a serious 10-minute discussion about where we want to eat, we normally end up in Nandos, or if we fancy a couple of cheap rounds we head to the nearby pub, Crosse Keys. After lunch with my mates, we part ways to travel back to the various corners of England we call home. However, every now and then a couple of rounds turns into a night out in London, which is always a fun time.

Going to university in the City of London involves a great deal of travelling, self-motivation and commitment to studying independently, but I manage to fit it all in. I also serve as a Student Representative on the Learning & Teaching Committee, which gives me valuable insight into the development of the learning, teaching and assessment strategy.


I normally head home, avoiding rush hour like the plague, and enjoy a tasty home cooked meal before heading off to my evening shift at work, where I fit in study around my break times. If it's really quiet, I can get the chance to review my notes from the day’s lecture and prepare myself for the next day at university.

Even with all the travel, being located in the financial district has given me so many opportunities to develop an understanding of the financial sector early on in my degree.  Throughout the academic year, the faculty and staff at ifs encourage all students to attend lectures and events with finance professionals, which help students  develop their networking skills and confidence.

I'm looking forward to going into my second year of the degree (even with the early starts), and am planning to develop my professional skillset as I begin applying for summer internships.  

Hope to see you around campus in the autumn!

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