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David Morrish discusses trade finance with TFR

13 July, 2016

David Morrish, Relationship Director at The London Institute of Banking & Finance, was the latest guest on TFR TV with Editor Clarissa Dann, where they met to discuss the basics of cross-border trade.

In a ten-minute interview David and Clarissa discussed a number of key issues relating to international trade finance and what ifs is doing to support the industry, through its qualifications.

“It’s not a complicated industry,” David explained, but it is vital that those looking to import and export “get to grips with the basics, as it is a very different industry."

"With students from more than 90 countries around the world taking one of the three qualifications, the qualifications are changing an industry whereby 60 – 70 per cent of international documents were being rejected first hand is now being significantly being reduced with staff “creating documents as good as the banks themselves.”

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