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"ifs University College's Head of Careers, Nadim Choudhury, appears in Student Accountant"

01 August, 2016

ifs Head of Careers Nadim Choudhury has appeared on the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant's (ACCA) Student Accountant Hub to discuss internships, and how students can get the most out of them.

These days, according to Nadim, many organisations use internships to find future full-time employees, but, “given the competitive nature of today’s jobs market, to enhance their chances of getting a job offer it’s increasingly important for interns to demonstrate value to their prospective employers from day one.”

Key to this is personal networking, which Nadim says “may put you directly in front of those who are responsible for hiring”. Most companies look for the same thing in their interns as they do with their employees, therefore interns should “play the part and act as a professional.”

Crucial to this, Nadim said: “For many interns, this will be the first time they have operated in a professional environment where certain standards are expected. It might sound like basic advice, but not getting involved in office politics and not turning up to work late is paramount.”

Visit the ACCA website to read Nadim's comments and advice on internships in full.