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How to win the Student Investor Challenge: Winning team provides insights from New York trip

11 August, 2016Eoghan Hughes

What does it take to win the Student Investor Challenge? This year's winners take offer advice for next year's contestants, and give some insight into their trip to New York City. 

Fresh from their trip to New York City, the 2016 ifs Student Investor Champions, BUYMYECONOMIXTAPE from Tiffin School in Kingston, met with ifs Vice Principal Alison Pask to discuss some of the highlights from their trip.

Filmed by Student Investor Partners Asset TV, Michael Tallent, Lucas Tishler, Aditya Shrimanker and Arjun Popat spoke about what they enjoyed most from their week away and offered some advice for next year’s entrants.

Chief among the highlights was an exclusive tour of the stock exchange, where they experienced the sights and sounds of the trading floor and listened to the famous opening bell. Alongside this was a walking tour of Wall Street, which took in visits to the new World Trade Center and a helicopter trip which saw the students soar over the famous NYC skyline.

Regarding next year’s competition, the boys had some valuable advice for those competing. Namely to keep up with current affairs; to be resilient in the face of losses; to take risks and not play it safe (with virtual money, we hasten to add!) and to spend as much time as possible playing the game.

While not every team taking part will win the ultimate prize, the boys said that the key take away for every team should be to “do what you enjoy and have fun while you do it, keep trying and work as a team”.

The Student Investor Challenge is the UK's premier free share dealing competition available to all schools and colleges, with more than 300,000 students registering to play in the past 10 years. Teams, consisting of four students aged between 14 and 19, will take control of two investment portfolios with £100,000 of virtual money for each one to invest in the stock market.

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