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Student Investor Challenge: Champions share their winning strategy

17 August, 2016Eoghan Hughes

How do you win the Student Investor Challenge? This year's champions share their winning strategy, and their top tips for winning the competition.

Live at the trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange, Student Investor Champions, BUYMYECONOMIXTAPE from Tiffin School in Kingston, met with Asset TV to discuss their strategy for trading and what sectors offered the best returns

Michael Tallent, Lucas Tishler, Aditya Shrimanker and Arjun Popat also explained how a chance conversation with one of their teachers encouraged them to first enter the competition, allowing them to build on their burgeoning interest in trading and economics.

To begin, the team provided an overview of the competition before moving into their own strategies for success. Here, they largely concentrated on volatile markets such as the mining industry, which although presented the biggest risk, also offered large returns. This stood them in good stead as they presented on top-down investing in the mining sector to a panel of judges in the final.

That said, their strategy wasn’t always about risk, the team revealed. In the wake of slowing economic growth in China and the then forthcoming vote on Britain’s membership of the European Union, the students invested in gold, which saw its biggest rally in seven years, following the result on 23 June.

Beyond the trip to New York, the team revealed that the competition had first and foremost given them the confidence to think big about their future careers, as they head off to university in the autumn, with roles in venture capital, trading and academia all being looked at.

The Student Investor Challenge is the UK's premier free share dealing competition available to all schools and colleges, with more than 300,000 students registering to play in the past 10 years. Teams, consisting of four students aged between 14 and 19, will take control of two investment portfolios with £100,000 of virtual money for each one to invest in the stock market.

Find out more information about the 2016/17 Student Investor Challenge.