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The importance of bridging the Trade Finance knowledge gap

19 October, 2016David Morrish
Relationship Director David Morrish has discussed the importance of continuing education and the trade finance industry with The London Institute of Banking & Finance's Chief Executive, Alex Fraser.

The interview provides an overview of our trade finance programmes and covers the benefits to professionals in the international market. These qualifications help the individual, help the organisation and help the customer, David said.

During the interview, David and Alex discuss the importance of organisations investing in the training of trade finance qualifications, and comment on the value of risk management, professionalism and the high level of expertise attained.

Our qualifications “are great for the organisation and great for the individuals as well," David said.

"The fact they have been invested in, the fact they achieved a professional qualification. They have their designation after their name to enable them to do their day-to-day role more successfully and I’d like to think as well it would help them move into management at a later stage, improve their dealings with customers.”

Find out more about our Trade Finance qualifications here and watch the interview in full below.