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Student investors bid for Big Apple glory as Student Investor Challenge begins

24 October, 2016Eoghan Hughes
More than 40,000 budding investors have entered the 2016/17 Student Investor Challenge, where they will compete against one another to win a trip to New York.

Hosted each year by The London Institute of Banking & Finance, the Student Investor Challenge invites teams of four students aged between 14-18 to trade stocks and chase dividends, by virtually investing in the London Stock Exchange through two £100,000 portfolios. 

After a three month trading period, where the students must follow and anticipate the ups and downs of the stock market and generate a simulated profit, the 500 most successful teams are invited to take part in an online semi final. Here, a variety of different life skills are tested, including research and planning, analysis, communication and teamwork.

Student Investor Competition 2016

From the semi final, the best performing eight teams compete in a day of challenges at the National Final, where the winners are rewarded with an all expenses-paid trip to New York and £2,000 for their school.

Last year’s competition was won by a team from Tiffin School in Kingston, who, following their trip to New York have now gone on to university and are putting their skills into practice.

Alison Pask, Managing Director, Financial Capability and Community Outreach at The London Institute of Banking & Finance, said:

“At a time of increasing financial volatility, the 2017 Student Investor Challenge promises to be the most challenging year yet. Like shareholders across the country, the students taking part will have to understand, anticipate and react to rapidly changing markets and uncertain economic conditions in order to make sure their portfolios are profitable and they deliver returns on their investments. And with the added impact of Brexit, they will have to be extra vigilant in choosing markets and stocks in which to invest. They will have to work together to develop and employ a wide range of skills, which aside from the competition, will help them throughout their studies as they leave school either for university or the world of work.”

You can find out more information on the Student Investor Challenge and how to register here. Registrations are open until 18 November 2016.