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Student Investor Challenge: Ascot students’ investment pays dividends

07 December, 2016Eoghan Hughes
Four students from Charters School in Ascot have overcome challenging market conditions to become the second monthly winners of the 2017 Student Investor Challenge. 

Cameron Ross, James Crookes, Megan Willson-Rymer and Yo Yo Chang, triumphed throughout November in the national competition, run by The London Institute of Banking & Finance, growing their virtual £100,000 portfolio by nearly £6,000.

The team has secured an opening prize of £100 and now stand a good chance of making the semi-final stage, where teams are challenged to predict the rise and fall of stocks, with the best eight performing teams then competing for a chance to win a trip to New York City.

The Student Investor Challenge is the largest competition of its kind for schools and colleges in the UK. Each year, more than 40,000 students take part, where they are challenged to research and anticipate market movements, by investing virtual money in FTSE organisations and through other asset classes.

Ms Carol Cornell, from Charters School, said, “The students have hugely enjoyed the learning experience that Student Investor has provided to date. They look forward to more of the same!”

Alison Pask, Managing Director, Financial Capability & Community Outreach at The London Institute of Banking & Finance, said:

“As we have seen recently, financial markets are continuing to undergo a period of prolonged volatility, making the team from Charters School’s performance even more impressive in growing their investments. They will need to continue to build upon this good work and develop the skills they have so admirably demonstrated already even further to reach the semi final stage. We wish them and indeed every team taking part, good luck in doing so.”

Find out more information on the Student Investor Challenge here,