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HSBC students celebrate success

06 April, 2017Eoghan Hughes
HSBC Graduation

More than 40 students celebrated gaining their Certificate in Business Banking & Conduct (CertBB&C®) at HSBC’s head office earlier this month.

The students, mostly front-line business banking staff at HSBC, gained the qualification as part of HSBC’s commitment to professionalising their staff and they received their certificates at a graduation ceremony held in their global headquarters in Canary Wharf. Among the group were three students, David Leonard, Daniel Williams and Andreaa Munteanu, who were specially honoured, having achieved double distinctions during their programmes of study.

CertBB&C® is a Level 3 qualification, offered by The London Institute of Banking & Finance and is designed to raise professional standards and improve levels of customer service for business banking customers. It also provides a thorough oversight of the regulatory landscape and the FCA’s conduct of business regime.

Graduation cake

Jennifer Crawley, Deputy Director Small Businesses HSBC UK, said:

“It’s been another fantastic year for our colleagues at HSBC, with us seeing over 40 students graduate. I hope this inspires more of our colleagues to take up the qualification and we see our graduates considering the opportunity to complete the Diploma. Congratulations to everyone who has passed the Certificate in Business Banking & Conduct (CertBB&C®).”

Alex Fraser, Chief Executive at The London Institute of Banking & Finance, said:


“Our warmest congratulations go to all of the students who have completed their CertBB&C® qualification. Balancing a full-time job with a demanding programme of study is no mean feat and we are delighted to support their professional development. By completing the qualification they have invested in their careers and will be able to offer even greater levels of service to their customers.”

For more information on the Certificate in Business Banking & Conduct, please visit: www.libf.ac.uk/study/professional-qualifications/banking/certificate-in-business-banking-and-conduct-(certbbc)