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Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher

02 May, 2017Nancy Murphy

At the SWIFT Institute we truly believe that each day should bring us an increase in knowledge. And although one can read and study texts on their own time, there is no greater way to acquire knowledge and insights than by spending time with a great teacher.

The payments industry, as with the financial industry generally, is under constant change with pressures from the tech and regulatory worlds, and from customers. The end-to end processes are undergoing transformation, with customers demanding faster payments, and new third-party payment providers offering services to challenge the incumbents. Regulation requiring banks to provide data to their customers (PSD2) is and will see a proliferation of open APIs amongst banks. Combined with the ever present requirement to comply with rules around AML KYC, etc., this makes for a very challenging environment. If you are a payments professional, you need to be on top of these changes to excel in your job.

The Certificate in Principles of Payments has been created to bring you up to speed in this changing environment. It is a comprehensive program that offers you the convenience of online learning with the quality of an internationally recognised accreditation. It has been written and approved by senior level industry practitioners, to give you the most up to date education experience.

We are never too old or too experienced to learn.

Nancy Murphy is the Assistant Director at the SWIFT Institute.

To find out more information and register your interest to study, visit the CertPAY qualification page.

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