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Becoming a Career Champion

04 July, 2017Nadim Choudhury
Nadim headshot

Welcome to the first instalment of the “Career Champion” blog series. This new monthly series will aid any professional in their career development. Topics will range from advice for conducting formal interviews, handling difficult conversations such as negotiating your salary and various subjects which give rich insight into advancing your career. The author of this series is Head of Careers and Employability at The London Institute of Banking & Finance, Nadim Choudhury.

Nadim specialises in career and executive coaching, and for 14 years has delivered employability agendas, career coaching, business development, programme management and marketing communications for some of the UK’s leading business schools.

Nadim has also been featured as a social media expert and commentator on graduate & executive employability issues in publications such as The Guardian, Independent and Daily Telegraph. He is a graduate of The University of Manchester and a current MSc candidate in the department of Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck College.

This blog series is perfect for those wishing to change careers, professionals who are currently looking to progress within their role and even individuals in charge of team development. The first entry will be published in July and will cover the key strategies for your first 90 days in a new role. 

For further assistance on your career progression, get in touch with the careers department here.