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How LiFE is changing the culture of how the next generation manage their personal finances

06 July, 2017David Anderson

The LiFE qualification has now been a staple diet of several schools for the past year. Students are taught the fundamentals and basic knowledge of personal finance through interactive e-learning, which is not only providing them with a qualification at the end of the course, but a life skill they can use for the rest of their lives.

On a recent visit to one of the schools I look after in the South-East, one of the teachers from Bromley Trust Academy explained some of the benefits of having taught this course.

Ms Felicia Agyeman – said “the students were immediately engaged with the content as it related to themselves and the way it has been structured makes it easily accessible and the animation helped them to focus too. They liked the fact that they knew where they were at each step of the process by referring to their personal progress bar.

She thinks this course has been such a success as they really enjoyed the fact that they were able to receive a tangible award in the form of a certificate of completion as soon as they had finished the course. Further to this, it has become apparent that completing the course has definitely gone a long way in building their confidence.

Students have started to take information home to investigate and have begun to ask reflective questions about finances without taking everything at face value

Yinka Adedeji , the Deputy Head of the school, said this was a learning curve, mainly due to the nature of the students they teach, whom are children that have been excluded from mainstream who join the school at different times of the year, however, LiFE enables students to start the course at any time, regardless of the term time. He went on so say how delighted he was with each student’s progress and is happy to report that 100% of the students have all now passed the course!

-David Anderson is a Financial Capability Relationship Manager, reporting on a recent visit to a school providing LiFE. 

If you are interested to find out more about LiFE please click here or contact one of our Financial Capability Relationship Managers in your area to arrange a visit.