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Clearing 2019: Ready, set, GO! How to prepare for the Clearing rush

07 July, 2017Eleanor Bridger

Didn't get the results you wanted? Did better than expected? Thousands of students are waiting across the country to find out how they did. But how can you prepare for Clearing?

As thousands of A-level students nervously await their fate, it’s important to prepare for results day so that you can make the most of Clearing. 

This is a big day for you, whether you get the right grades or not, so try and keep calm and take the time to think about what it means for you and what you need to do next. 

Picking up your results

UCAS Track should update on Thursday morning so you can see if your place has been confirmed. If you didn’t quite get the grades you require, your first choice university may take some time to make their decision. Head to your school to pick up your results so you can get a better idea of your situation, then make sure to give your first choice university a call and see if they will still accept you or if they can offer you a different course.

Make sure you have everything you need to hand

You will need your UCAS number, Clearing number and exam results with you when you start calling universities. Most universities will be able to offer you a place there and then over the phone so make sure you are ready to secure your place.

Talk to your parents or an advisor

Make sure you talk through this important decision with your parents or, once you get to school, with your teachers. They’ll be able to help give you perspective and can offer guidance as to what is best for your future. But remember, ultimately it’s your decision, so go with what feels right for you.

Use this as a chance to explore

Take this opportunity to consider different subjects; you never know what interesting courses you might find.

This is an important decision: don’t rush

With the increased fees and a three-year commitment, choosing your university is a big decision. Don’t be pressured into accepting an offer, especially if you haven’t visited the campus yet, as you’ll need to do some research into each university you look at. Don’t be afraid to take this time to think about it and make an informed decision. You can get informal offers from a few universities and then decide which one you want to accept. And remember, it doesn’t have to be resolved in one day.

Consider your options

University isn’t for everyone. It might be that after all this you’re still not sure if you want to go. Whether you get the right grades or not, use this time to consider what you really want. There are many alternative routes to university.

Better exam results than you thought?

If you excelled your expectations and did better in your exams then you thought, Clearing is also for you. You can use what’s called Adjustment to hold your confirmed offer whilst you shop around. There might be a university you wanted to apply to but thought you wouldn’t you get the grades or perhaps they originally declined. This is the time to get the best offer you can without the risk of loosing your already secured place.

Good luck to all those getting their results!

Interested in your options to study with us? Find out more about Clearing or call our Clearing hotline on 0207 337 6293/4!