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Financial Capability: News from the North

18 July, 2017Katherine Halloways

How does the Financial Capability Programme improve students' employability?

As a relationship manager, I frequently visit schools and colleges that deliver our financial capability qualifications. Meeting the incredible staff and students is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my role and it’s always great to hear their feedback.

Earlier in the academic year I had the pleasure of presenting scholarship certificates to several students. These scholarships are for our full-time degree programmes and are awarded to level 3 Certificate & Diploma students in recognition of outstanding results.

One such visit took me to Oldham 6th Form College, a student had already started an accountancy apprenticeship and told me that his LiBF studies have given him the confidence, not only to discuss financial products and services at the interview, but also to manage his personal finances.

HERTS_015Stella Foster, the main tutor, is very keen to stress to potential students that as well as preparing them for higher education these qualifications can make them stand-out candidates at job interviews.  Last year, one of her students had 3 excellent A levels as well as her LiBF qualifications, however it was the latter that helped her to secure her position at the Bank of New York.

Candidates who can demonstrate the key life skill of financial capability are not just attractive to employers in the financial services sector.  Another student told me how knowledge of credit cards, debit cards and payment systems was invaluable at an interview for a Saturday job in a local food store/delicatessen.  Employers beware, this student was 18 and well versed in the details of the minimum wage!

From an employer’s perspective, it is desirable to have a financially competent workforce.  The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) reported in its January 2017 'Financial wellbeing' report, that money worries have affected the overall ability of one in four employees' job performance. It found that people at all wage levels can be at risk of poor financial wellbeing. For more details on various industry wide schemes that address the issue click here. Thus, furthering the benefits of financial education for school kids prior to entering the workplace. 

I look forward to presenting further scholarships to the current students. 

- Katherine Halloways is a Financial Capability Relationship Manager, based in the North of England. 

To find out more about our Financial Capability qualifications click here or contact one of our Financial Capability Relationship Managers in your area to arrange a visit.