Media comment: Increased funding for schools

21 July, 2017Alison Pask

Commenting on news that schools will receive £1.3bn of extra funding over the next two years, Alison Pask, Managing Director of Financial Capability at the London Institute of Banking & Finance, said:


“We welcome Justine Greening’s announcement. Ensuring that the school system in the UK has sufficient funding to continue to meet the changing needs of pupils is absolutely vital for the future of the UK as a whole. It’s now more apparent than ever that schools play an increasingly important role in preparing pupils for life outside of education – not only by ensuring academic achievement, but also by equipping young people with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in adult life.

“Financial capability – the ability to manage money effectively – is one such skill. Ensuring that children leave school able to handle their finances when they enter the world of work is widely accepted as being hugely important, helping young people achieve their life goals and avoid falling into problem debt. We believe that the importance of financial education should be reflected in the distribution of this extra funding and look forward to working with all relevant parties to ensure that children receive this vital education.” 

- Alison Pask, Managing Director of Financial Capability, The London Institute of Banking & Finance 

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